A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Siege Trooper is a game where you control a tank-like man and use a back mounted cannon to destroy your enemies.

This is a prototype level where you can experiment with the core mechanics of the game.

Game Mechanics

The versatile nature of this game focuses primarily on the way you use the tank cannon. The speed of the projectile fired is affected by the amount of time you hold down the fire button. Long holds result in a fast shot and shorter holds will fire a grenade like projectile instead.

The cannon on your back also can be used to launch yourself in midair. Use your cannon against yourself and your body will be launched in the opposite direction of the blast! (kind of like a rocket jump)

[No Sound]


A /  D move your character left and right

Use the mouse to position the crosshairs

Mouse click will charge the cannon

Mouse release will fire the cannon

Escape pauses the game

Menu uses standard arrow keys and the enter key to function

Install instructions

This game is a love distribution file. You will need Love2d Installed on your machine

Download Siege.love 

run 'love Siege.love' in terminal

Have Fun!!


Siege.love 1 MB


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My computer can't open a .love file. I've never seen one like that before.

The love file cannot be opened directly without Love2D installed. You can visit https://love2d.org/ to install love2d for your platform and then the .love file should execute without issues. I hope this helps!